SEPCHE Honors Conference 2008

On Saturday, March 29, 2008, Chestnut Hill College hosted the tenth annual SEPCHE Honors Conference. Student representatives from the eight SEPCHE colleges had time to give academic presentations that covered a range of topics from the arts to the sciences.

Gary Hughes Fadlullah Ba'th Kelly O'Neill

Gary Hughes 

Fadlullah Ba'th 

Kelly O'Neill 

Nicole Merena Stef Paternostro Raul Estevez

Nicole Merena 

Stef Paternostro 

Raul Estevez 

Alison Borden Caitlyn Shuker John McLaughlin

Alison Borden 

Caitlyn Shuker 

John McLaughlin 

Amanda Favreau Johana Cenera Joe Swoyer

Amanda Favreau 

Johana Cenera 

Joe Swoyer 

Sahar Pourshahriari Lya Rodgers  

Sahar Pourshahriari 

Lya Rodgers