Major in History with Secondary Education Co-Major and Minor in Special Education

The Secondary Education Certification Program in Social Studies (Grades 7 -12) is available to History Majors seeking Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Certification. The Program integrates educational theory and practice with field experiences that include practicum and student teaching, as well as opportunities to develop teaching competence through innovative and effective approaches to the educational process with focus on students at the Secondary Level. Students interested in the Co-Major/Minor should speak with Rev. Robert G. Mulligan OSFS, First Floor, Fournier Hall. Telephone: 215.248.7058. Email: The PDE requires that all Secondary Education Certification Program participants have 9 credits of Special Education and 3 credits of Teaching English as a Second Language, in addition, students must meet field experience competencies including 190 hours of fieldwork before Student Teaching:

  • EDSC-201 provides 20 hours
  • EDSC-318 provides 60
  • EDSP-345 provides 75
  • EDSC-420 provides 390 hours

Stage I and Stage II Portfolios are completed in the following courses:
EDSC-203: Foundations of High School Education

EDSC-315: General Methods in Secondary Education

Stage IIIA Portfolio is completed in the following courses:
EDSC-318: Special Methods/Social Studies/Field Experience IIIA

EDSP-345: Assessments and Adaptations

Stage IV Portfolio is completed in the following courses:
EDSC-420: Clinical Field Experience/Student Teaching

EDSC-421: Clinical/Student Teaching Seminar

A minimum Career GPA of 2.00 and a minimum Major GPA of 2.00 are required for graduation from the College; however, a Major and Career GPA of 2.80 or above and completion of the Clinical Experience/Student Teaching (EDSC-420 and EDSC-421) are required for recommendation for PDE Certification. Students must earn a grade of C- (1.70) or better to successfully complete the requirements for the Major unless an exception is noted. Majors may need to re-take courses with C- grades if their Career GPA is less than the Career GPA required by the PDE for Certification or if a higher grade is required to demonstrate competency as identified by the department.


For more information on specific course requirements, visit the 2014-15 SUS Undergraduate Course Catalog (pages 174-75).