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English Literature majors develop knowledge of literary genres, traditions, and historical periods and of the critical reception of literature. A variety of course approaches (genre, period or thematic perspective) allows students to engage textual material with sensitivity to the richness and complexities of language and culture and also to integrate critical thinking, writing, and research skills in the production of literary analysis.

A minimum Career GPA of 2.00 and a minimum Major GPA of 2.00 are required for graduation. Courses required in the major comprise the major GPA. Unless indicated, students must earn a grade of C- (1.70) or better in courses both in the major and in order to successfully complete the requirements for the major. For information, please contact Barbara Lonnquist, Room 203, St. Joseph Hall. Telephone: 215/248-7178. Email: lonnquistb@chc.edu.

Major in English Literature – 39 credits
Required in the Major:

Choice of:

  • ENGL-201: Shakespeare's Heroes and Heroines (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-202: Shakespeare in Love and War (WOK: Literary)

Three courses (9 credits) in American Literature (at least one 3XX-level is recommended):

  • ENGL-205: American Poetry (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-245: The American Theater (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-251: African-American Writers (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-264: Early American Literature, contact-1820 (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-265: American Romanticism, 1820-1865 (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-266: Modern American Literature, 1865-1945(WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-267: Contemporary American Literature, 1940-present (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-280: American Literature of the 1920s: The Lost Generation (Writing Intensive)
  • ENGL-301: American Novel (WOK: Literary) (Writing Intensive)
  • ENGL-340: American Literature Seminar

Three courses (9 credits) in British Literature (at least one 3XX-level is recommended):

  • ENGL-206: Twentieth-Century and Contemporary British Poetry (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-225: Eighteenth-Century British Literature (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-233: British Romanticism (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-238: Victorian Literature
  • ENGL-248: Irish Literature I: The Celtic Era to the Gaelic Movement
  • ENGL-249: Irish Literature II: 20th Century Irish Renaissance to the Present
  • ENGL-300: James Joyce and Ulysses (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-308: British Novel (Writing Intensive)
  • ENGL-338: Age of Chaucer (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-342: British Literature Seminar

ENGL-488: Research Writing

ENGL-498: Senior Seminar in English Literature

Four courses (12 credits) chosen from the following, which may not be offered every semester:

  • ENGL-104: Introduction to Literature (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-110: Literature into Film
  • ENGL-175: The Short Story (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-190: Modern Japanese Literature
  • ENGL-227: Drama: Classical to Modern
  • ENGL-228: Modern Drama (WOK: Literary)
  • ENGL-240: The Comic Spirit
  • ENGL-241: Gender and Literature (Writing Intensive)
  • ENGL-250: Creative Writing
  • ENGL-260: Ethnic Voices
  • ENGL-271: Gothic Tradition in Literature
  • ENGL-281: Special Topics in English/Topics vary by semester (Repeatable for credit)
  • ENGL-401: Internship in English Literature
  • ENGL-410: A Sense of Place (Intersession course – additional charge)
  • ENGL-481: Advanced Special Topics in English/Topics vary by semester (Repeatable for credit)

Sample Bachelor of Arts: English Literature Major/selected minor (declaration of minor not required for graduation):
Please note that this is a suggested academic plan only, it is not meant to address each student’s individual requirements or interests. Students will develop a personalized academic plan with a faculty advisor; however, it is the student’s responsibility to be aware of, register for, and successfully complete all of the requirements for graduation in the major.



Year One Fall 


Year Two Fall 


Year Three Fall 


Year Four Fall 


Language 103
WOK or elective
WOK or elective
ENGL American
ENGL British
WOK or elective
ENGL American
ENGL elective (WI)
PSPK-101 (1 cr)
Minor #2 or elective
Minor #3 or elective
ENGL elective
Minor #6 or elective
WOK or elective
WOK or elective

Year One Spring 


Year Two Spring 


Year Three Spring 


Year Four Spring 


ENGL American
ENGL British
ENGL-201 or 202
WOK or elective
PHED #1* Swim Test*
ENGL American
ENGL British
ENGL elective
Minor #1 or elective
WOK or elective
PHED #2*
ENGL British
ENGL elective
Minor #4 or elective
Minor #5 or elective
WOK or elective (4 cr)
WOK or elective
WOK or elective
WOK or elective
Elective (1 cr)



*Non-academic credit - these courses do not apply towards the minimum required for graduation.

Minimum Academic Credits required for graduation: 120