Education Minors

Special Education Minor

The minor in Special Education is open both to Education majors (Early Childhood, Early Childhood /Elementary Education, Elementary) and to students majoring in other disciplines who are seeking secondary certification.

The minor does not constitute certification in special education.


Requirements for a Minor in Special Education - 18 credits: 

  • EDUC 350: Introduction to Special Education
  • EDUC 351: Assessment and Education of Exceptional Students 
  • PSYC 103: Child Development 
  • EDUC 202: Educational Psychology 
  • EDUC 354: Education Practice - Learning Disability and Behavioral Disorder Students


Secondary School Education Certification

Students who desire to obtain a Pennsylvania Department of Education teaching certification in Biology, Chemistry, Citizenship Education, English, General Science, French, Latin, Spanish, Mathematics or Social Studies must declare a Minor in Secondary Education. Students are to obtain the appropriate form and have it signed by the Education Department. Students who are registered for a Secondary Education Minor are expected to complete all courses for secondary certification including student teaching. Students may complete student teaching after graduation but the minor will not be included on the transcript without successful completion of student teaching.

Requirements - 23 credits in Education in conjunction with a major in Biology, Chemistry, English, French, Mathematics, Spanish; or with a program in Latin, General Science, Citizenship or Social Studies.

Sophomore Year: Submission of formal application to the certification program. The application includes: 

  • Recommendation of two instructors (if possible, one should be a member of the Education Department) 
  • Documentation of passing the required state tests at time of application to the certification program 
  • Documentation of two Math courses and two English courses 
  • Stage I Portfolio 
  • Transcript indicating G.P.A of 3.0 overall at the time of application as well as a G.P.A. of 3.0 in the following courses required for the major: (Post-baccalaureate students may also take these courses at the graduate level.) 
    • EDUC 202: Educational Psychology 
    • EDUC 350: Introduction to Special Education 
    • EDUC 222: Foundations of Education 
    • EDSC 420: Student Teaching in Secondary School 
    • EDSC 421: Student Teaching Seminar 
    • EDSC 315: General Methods 
    • EDSC 316: Reading in the Content Areas 
    • EDSC 317: Spec. Methods in Major*

    * Secondary Education students are required to take a practicum (3 credit hours) within the major field.

  • Biology: BIOL 317: Special Methods in Biolog
  • French: FREN 317: Special Methods for Teaching Foreign Languages 
  • Spanish: SPAN 317: Special Methods for Teaching Foreign Languages 
  • Latin: LATU 317: Special Methods for Teaching Foreign Languages 
  • Chemistry CHEM 317: Special Methods in Chemistry 
  • General Science BIOL 317: Special Methods in Biology
  • Chemistry CHEM 317: Special Methods in Chemistry 
  • English EDSC 317: Special Methods in English and Social Studies
  • Mathematics MATH 317: Special Methods in Mathematics

Basic Minor in Secondary Education (Grades 7-12) – 39 credits minimum
Courses are 3 credits unless indicated.
Required in the minor:

EDSC-201: Adolescent Psychology and Development

EDSC-202: Educational Psychology

EDSC-203: The Foundations of High School

EDSC-315: General Methods & Assessment

EDSC-316: Content Reading for Diverse Learners

EDSC-420: Student Teaching in Secondary School (6 credits)

EDSC-421: Student Teaching Seminar/Secondary School

EDSP-312: Reading Interventions/Diverse Learn

EDSP-340: Introduction to Special Education

EDSP-345: Assessments and Adaptations

EDSP-390: ESL Foundations and Methods

One course (3 credits) of Special Methods in the Major field:

  • BIOL-317: Special Methods in Biology
  • CHEM-317: Special Methods in Chemistry
  • FLED-352: Special Methods in Foreign Language Teaching
  • MATH-317: Special Methods in Mathematics
  • EDSC-317: Special Methods-English/Soc Studies

May be required. Discuss options with a Faculty Advisor: EDSP-355: Instruction in Inclusive Environment