The BS/MS Program in International Business, Language, and Culture (IBLC) provides the opportunity for exceptionally qualified students to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. Unlike other combined programs which require students to complete undergraduate work before starting graduate work, this program allows study at undergraduate and graduate levels in a parallel format, creating a rewarding and challenging program to focused, qualified students.


Students, who pursue the Combined Program in IBLC, begin work on the M.S. degree while completing the requirements for the B.S. degree. Students take undergraduate courses and graduate courses in a parallel fashion after completing 90 undergraduate credits. In order to earn the 90 undergraduate credits needed before beginning graduate courses, students will most likely need to take summer courses and/or an overload of credits during the academic year. This is a rigorous program and is open only to existing highly qualified CHC students who meet these admission requirements:


  • Existing students should set up an appointment with the Co-Directors of the combined program, Professor Barbara Diemer and Sister Mary Helen Kashuba, no later than the end of their second semester of their sophomore year, to discuss their interest in pursuing the BS/MS program.
  • Students who appear to be qualified to pursue application to the program will be advised of appropriate course scheduling and admission requirements by the Co-Directors of the combined Program. Students who do not appear to be on track to meet the admission requirements will be so advised.  
  • Students will be formally admitted to the program after all of the following have occurred:
    • Completion of a minimum of 90 undergraduate credits (30 of which must be completed at the College) with a cumulative overall CHC GPA of 3.0 or above;
    • Completion of a minimum of 24 credits in the required undergraduate IBLC business related, language, and culture courses, including BUSN 101, MGMT 304, and a minimum of two 200-level language courses and intermediate mid proficiency;
    • A minimum GPA of 3.0 in IBLC courses with no course grade lower than B-; and Formal admission to the School of Graduate Studies.

Sample Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in IBLC:  

Please note that this is a suggested academic plan only, it is not meant to address each student’s individual requirements or interests. Students will develop a personalized academic plan with a faculty advisor; however, it is the student’s responsibility to be aware of, register for, and successfully complete all of the requirements for graduation in the major. 


Year One Fall -15/16*  Year Two Fall -15/16*  Year Three Fall -15/16*  Year Four Fall -15 

ACCT 103
BUSN 101
FILA 120
Language-103 or above
MATH 201
FYIN 120 (1 cr)*

ECON 102
GLST 201
Language Course
MATH 227
RLST 104
CARE 101 (1 cr)*

ECON 102
GLST 201
Language Course
MATH 227
RLST 104
CARE 101 (1 cr)*

Language Course
Minor #2 or elective (WI)
Minor #3 or elective


Year One Spring -15/16*  Year Two Spring -16/17*  Year Three Spring -15  Year Four Spring -15 

ACCT 104
ECON 101
ENGL 101
Language-104 or above
MATH 202
PHED #1 
Swim Test (1 cr)*

CMTC 180 (1 cr)
ECON 211
Language Course
Language Course
Minor #1 or elective
WOK or elective (4 cr)*

CMTC 285 
FINA 304 
FINA 352 
Language Course 
MKTG 206 


IBLC 498
Language Course
Minor #4 or elective
PSCI 341

Year One Summer  Year Two Summer  Year Three Summer -6  Year Four Summer -6 
No courses required No courses required GIBLC 500** 
GIBLC 510**
GIBLC 502**
Year Five Fall -12  Year Five Spring -6     



*Non-academic credit – these courses do not apply towards the minimum required for graduation.
** Recommended summer courses toward completion of the MS requirements
Minimum Academic Credits required for BS: 120
Minimum Academic Credits required for the MS: 33

Download the IBLC brochure 

Download the full IBLC 2013 course schedule and course description 


To obtain more information about admission to the combined BS/MS Program in International Business, Language, and Culture, please contact the Co-Directors of the combined program:
Barbara Diemer, MBA, MEd
Assistant Professor of Business
Business Department
Office Phone: (215) 248-7033
Email: DiemerB@chc.edu

Sister Mary Helen Kashuba, SSJ, DML
Professor of French and Russian
Foreign Language and Literature Department
Office Phone: (215) 248-7124
Email: kashubam@chc.edu