Biochemistry Major


What do I study?


Fundamentally, chemistry is the study of the matter in the universe and how it changes. Modern chemistry is central to our lives and impacts diverse fields such as medicine, energy generation, cosmetics, food production, and more. The curriculum for chemistry majors is varied and includes specialization in various areas, one of which is biochemistry. Biochemistry combines the traditional study of chemistry with the added biology courses that provide a foundation in both of the natural science fields.


At Chestnut Hill College, you are going to get a lot more than just an understanding of molecular structures. Along with your classroom and laboratory instruction - by highly qualified and experienced professors - you are also going to get a well-rounded liberal arts education. This education will help you think for yourself and overlay your scientific decisions with an ethical perspective.


And geographically, you'll be in just the right place. Chestnut Hill College is centrally located near several major pharmaceutical, chemical, and forensic science companies such as Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, National Medical Services, Centocor, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth-Ayerst, Dupont and many more. We are also close to several public and private schools that are committed to developing more and better science teachers. All of this provides an exceptional learning opportunity for our students - not to mention a great location from which to launch a career.



What are the requirements?



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Major in Biochemistry – 69 credits
Courses are 3 credits unless indicated and a grade of C- or better is required in all Pre-Requisites.


Required in the Major:  

CHEM-131: Principles of Chemistry I (4 credits) (WOK: Scientific)

CHEM-132: Principles of Chemistry II (4 credits) (WOK: Scientific)

CHEM-215: Organic Chemistry I (4 credits) (WOK: Scientific)

CHEM-216: Organic Chemistry II (4 credits) (WOK: Scientific)

CHEM-301: Analytical Chemistry (5 credits)

CHEM-307: Biochemistry I (5 credits)

CHEM-308: Biochemistry II (3 credits)

CHEM-313: Physical Chemistry I (4 credits)

CHEM-314: Physical Chemistry II (4 credits)

CHEM-498: Senior Seminar in Biochemistry


Also required:  

BIOL-111: Principles of Biology I (4 credits) (WOK: Scientific)

BIOL-201: Cell Biology (4 credits)

BIOL-217: Genetics (4 credits)

Choice of:

  • MATH-203: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (WOK: Problem Solving)
  • MATH-204: Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (WOK: Problem Solving)
  • MATH-211: Calculus and Modern Analysis I (WOK: Problem Solving)
  • MATH-212: Calculus and Modern Analysis II (WOK: Problem Solving)

MATH-262: Probability and Statistics (WOK: Problem Solving)

PHYS-121: Principles of Physics I (4 credits) (WOK: Scientific)

PHYS-122: Principles of Physics II (4 credits) (WOK: Scientific)


Sample Bachelor of Science: Biochemistry Major/selected minor (declaration of minor not required for graduation):
Please note that this is a suggested academic plan only; it is not meant to address each student’s individual requirements or interests. Students will develop a personalized academic plan with a faculty advisor; however, it is the student’s responsibility to be aware of, register for, and successfully complete all of the requirements for graduation in the major.



Year One Fall 


Year Two Fall 


Year Three Fall 


Year Four Fall 


BIOL-111 (4 cr)
CHEM-131 (4 cr)
CHEM-215 (4 cr)
PHYS-121 (4 cr)
WOK or elective
CHEM-301 (5 cr)
CHEM-307 (5 cr)
BIOL-201 (4 cr)
CHEM-313 (4 cr)
Minor #3 or elective
Minor #4 or elective

Year One Spring 


Year Two Spring 


Year Three Spring 


Year Four Spring 


CHEM-132 (4 cr)
Language 103
PHED #1*
Swim Test*
CHEM-216 (4 cr)
PHYS-122 (4 cr)
WOK or elective
Minor #1 or elective
BIOL-217 (4 cr)
PSPK-101 (1 cr)
Minor #2 or elective
WOK or elective (WI)
PHED #2*
CHEM-314 (4 cr)
Minor #5 or elective
Minor #6 or elective
WOK or elective



*Non-academic credit - these courses do not apply towards the minimum required for graduation.

Minimum Academic Credits required for graduation: 121