Biology Internships and Research



Ongoing Research on  

Zebrafish Embryogenesis 

Our Internship Program provides qualified Biology majors with the opportunity to integrate academic learning with practical experience. Students can perform independent study typically during summer prior to entering their Junior year or at any other times up to the final semester of their Senior year under the direction of a department member, established scientist, or a physician at a graduate school or major research center. Our student interns have been placed at local prestigious institutions including Fox Chase Cancer Center, Temple University, Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Pennsylvania.



Opportunities are also available for intramural research on the campus of Chestnut Hill College. Majors in the Department of Biology who are involved in either intramural or extramural research further have the opportunity to participate in various intercollegiate scientific seminars and frequently earn distinction based on their high-profile projects. The Department has the resources for research on-site including a dedicated lab for studies in the Environmental Sciences as well as a Zebrafish facility housing a variety of transgenic fish that serve as a facile model for elegant cellular and genetic analyses.