Art Studio and Art History Minors

Minor in Art Studio - 18 credits

The Art Studio Program allows students to study art making in two- and three-dimensional media and design in a studio setting. Art Studio courses include drawing, painting, watercolor, silkscreen, jewelry and metal crafts, design, and mixed media. Students who make art in the Art Studio exhibit their work in the Dwight V. Dowley Art Gallery and the main corridor of the College. Requirements:

  • ARTS-121: Drawing Techniques (WOK: Artistic)
  • ARTS-131: Painting (WOK: Artistic)
  • ARTS-120: Art by Heart: Design and Culture from the Global Village (WOK: Artistic)
  • ARTS-172: Color My World: Color and Design from the Global Village (WOK: Artistic)
  • One course (3 credits) in Art Studio focusing on 3-D chosen from the following, which may not be offered every semester:
    • ARTS-102: Ceramics
    • ARTS-115: Book Arts
    • ARTS-220: Intermediate Art by Heart
    • ARTS-272: Intermediate Color My World (WOK: Artistic)
  • One course (3 credits) in Art Studio chosen from the following, which may not be offered every semester:
    • ARTS-134: Introduction to Watercolor Painting (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTS-202: Intermediate Ceramics
    • ARTS-221: Intermediate Drawing
    • ARTS-231: Intermediate Painting
    • ARTS-234: Intermediate Watercolor Painting
    • ARTS-235: Special Projects in Art Studio
    • ARTS-320: Advanced Art by Heart (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTS-335: Advanced Projects in Art Studio
    • ARTS-372: Advanced Color My World
    • ARTS-401: Internship in Arts Studio 

Minor in Art History - 18 credits

Art History is rooted in a chronological study of the development of art and is designed to deepen the student’s understanding of human expression and self-expression through the study of master works, styles, forms, vocabulary, and other aspects that contribute to a basic knowledge of art history. Requirements:

  • ARTH-101: Western Art-Prehistoric to Gothic (WOK: Artistic)
  • ARTH-102: Western Art-Early Renaissance to Modern (WOK: Artistic)
  • Four additional courses (12 credits) in Art History. Choices include the following, which may not be offered every semester and may have a Pre-Requisite:
    • ARTH-185: 17th Century Art (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTH-186: Rococo to Revolution
    • ARTH-190: American Art (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTH-191: Romanticism to Post-Impressionism (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTH-192: Twentieth Century and Contemporary Art (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTH-193: American Architecture
    • ARTH-201: Historical Survey of Women Artists (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTH-212: Looking at Landscape Design (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTH-230: Paris: An Urban History (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTH-261: Early Italian Renaissance Art (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTH-280: The Art of Black Africa (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTH-281: Special Topics in Art History/Topics vary by semester (Repeatable for credit)
    • ARTH-282: Michelangelo and His Times (WOK: Artistic)
    • ARTH-401: Internship in Art History
    • ARTH-481: Advanced Special Topics in Art History /Topics vary by semester (Repeatable for credit)
    • ARTH-490: Independent Study in Art History (Repeatable for credit)