Art Studio, Art History, Music, Music Education Department

Art Library Resources 

David W. Samson, Ph.D., Professor of Music, Chair of Music and Music Education 

Suzanne Conway, M.A., Associate Professor of Art History, Coordinator of Art History and Art Studio
Barbara Glennon, SSJ, M.F.A., D.M.A., Professor of Music
Edward Strauman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Music
Kathleen Szpila, SSJ, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Art History
Margaret Thompson, SSJ, M.F.A., M.A., Associate Professor of Art,


Art, Art History, and Art Studio

Art Studio (ARTS) and Art History (ARTH) offer students opportunities to minor in Art History or Art Studio, within the Liberal Arts curriculum as well as offering courses that fulfill the Artistic Way of Knowing requirement and elective courses of special interest to students. Students who study Art, Art History, and Music deepen their understanding of human nature and of themselves. Through a variety of approaches to creative expression, students develop observation and/or listening skills, as they engage in analysis, criticism, response, and performance experiences. Students musch earn a grade of C- (1.70) or better in courses required to successfully complete the requirements for the Minors.


Students interested in an Art History minor should speak with Suzanne Conway, Room 209, St. Joseph Hall. Telephone: 215.248.7183


Students interested in Art Studio minor should speak with Margaret Thompson SSJ, Room 500, St. Joseph Hall. Telephone: 215.248.7042


Course Options

All Art History courses and many Art Studio courses are available for students looking to fulfill an Artistic Way of Knowing or expand on interests without pursuing a minor. The following courses are open to students in any major; however, they may not be offered every semester and may have a Pre-Requisite. Check the Course Descriptions for information on the following courses:

• ARTH-101: Western Art-Prehistoric to Gothic (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-102: Western Art-Early Renaissance to Modern (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-185: 17th Century Art (WOK: Artistic or Historical)
• ARTH-186: Rococo to Revolution (WOK: Artistic or Historical)
• ARTH-190: American Art (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-191: Romanticism to Post-Impressionism (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-192: Twentieth Century and Contemporary Art (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-193: American Architecture (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-201: Historical Survey of Women Artists (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-212: Looking at Landscape Design (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-230: Paris: An Urban History (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-261: Early Italian Renaissance Art (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-280: The Art of Black Africa (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-281: Special Topics in Art History/Topics vary by semester (Repeatable for credit) (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTH-282: Michelangelo and His Times (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTS-115: Book Arts
• ARTS-120: Introduction to Art by Heart (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTS-121: Introduction to Drawing Techniques (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTS-131: Introduction to Painting (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTS-134: Introduction to Watercolor Painting (WOK: Artistic)
• ARTS-172: Introduction to Color My World (WOK: Artistic)