Tuition & Fees




Summer 2014-Spring 2015


Tuition for all Accelerated Courses  

$515.00 per credit




New Student Application Fee-One time 


Late Registration Fee 

$60.00 per session 

Change of Registration Fee 

$45.00 per occurrence  

Fine Art Studio Fee 

$85.00-$135.00 per course (in addition to tuition) 

 Graduation Fee (Charged in last term) - for all Accelerated students who enrolled prior to Summer 2013 


 Enrollment Fee - for all Accelerated students beginning Summer 2013  


Challenge Examinations      $215.00 per credit
Portfolio Assessment Fee     $215.00 per credit

Other Charges 


Returned Check Charge 

$35.00 per occurrence 

Deferred Payment Plan Enrollment Fee  

$75.00 per term 

Late Deferred Payment Charge  

1.5 % of balance per month  

Late Deferred Payment Fee 

$20.00 each payment 

Transcript  Fee 

$5.00 per transcript  

Transcript Fee (Same Day Service)      $20.00 per request

Parking Permit 

$135.00 per school year (Fall-Summer) plus processing fee of $5.95. Pro-rated for terms unattended. Must purchase online at 



Please note: Tuition and Fees are subject to change.   


Payment of Bills

By act of registration, students accept responsibility to pay the charge for the entire session of enrollment, regardless of the method or source of payment. Payment for courses and related fees in the ACCELERATED
Degree Program is due before the start of each session. Chestnut Hill College accepts cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX as forms of payment. Payments may be mailed to the following
Chestnut Hill College
PO Box 8500 #9986
Philadelphia, PA 19178-9986 


Deferred Payment Plan  

Students in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies can participate in the Deferred Payment Plan . This is a no-interest payment plan which enables students to pay term charges in three equal installments, rather than upfront. There is a $75 non-refundable enrollment fee each term.  At the time of course registration, advise the registrar that you have applied for this option. Your first payment and the enrollment fee are due. For more information about payment plan options contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 215-248-7116.  


Refund Policy

Students who officially withdraw from all classes at the College are eligible for refunds of tuition according to the schedule below. Fees and other charges are non-refundable after the first day of classes; permits are non-refundable. Students who withdraw from the College may also have to return a portion of the Federal Financial (Title IV) Aid they received. For purposes of calculating refunds, the calendar week begins as of the first scheduled class time of each session, regardless of the student’s individual course start date. For specific dates for the relevant year please refer to the SCPS Academic Calender .  For more information on the Refund Policy, contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 215-248-7116. 


 Prior to the first day of session  100% refund
Within the first calendar week  80% refund
Within the second calendar week  60% refund
Within the third calendar week 40% refund
Weeks thereafter No Refund


Business Hold

Students with delinquent accounts are placed on business hold and are prevented from registering for future classes, receiving course grades, receiving copies of official or unofficial transcripts, or participating in commencement ceremonies until they have made payment to satisfy their accounts. A  student may be dismissed from the College for continued delinquency of financial obligations. Students on business hold should contact the Office of Student Financial Services immediately to satisfy their remaining balance. A student may be placed on business hold at:
Beginning of Session – For failure to make payment in full or to make satisfactory arrangements to pay the semester‘s bill. 

During Session – For defaulted or late payment on terms arranged at the beginning of the session. Students in this category cannot register for the following session, receive grades or transcripts and may be prevented from taking tests, attending classes or graduating. Students should contact the Office of Student Financial Services immediately if they have not met their financial obligations as agreed upon at the beginning of the session. 
Students will be removed from business hold when their bills are fully paid or addressed in a satisfactory manner, as agreed upon and approved by the Office of Student Financial Services. Written confirmation of removal from business hold must be provided to the SCPS Office before an appointment can be scheduled with an advisor. 


Financial Aid Refunds

Financial Aid for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies is transferred to accounts approximately 2 1/2 months after the start of each semester. If a student is due a refund from excess Financial Aid a refund check will be mailed out 14 business days after the aid is transferred onto the account. It is the policy of the College that refund checks are mailed to student's home addresses on file. Please visit the Registrar's Office to fill out a change of address form or submit your correct address in writing to the Registrar's office at They are located on the third floor of St. Joseph's Hall.  


Term  Financial Aid Disbursement Dates Anticipated Financial Aid Refund Dates 
Summer 2014 July 23rd, 2014 August 6th, 2014
Fall 2014              TBD TBD


Book Vouchers

Book vouchers are available to students who are expected to have a credit on their account after receiving Financial Aid. A Voucher can be issued for any amount up to the total excess of Financial Aid for the semester.  You may call, stop by the Student Financial Services office or login to your account on to find out if you have a credit, and then proceed to our office to get a Voucher.  At this time, a Student Financial Services Representative will issue you a formal book voucher and you will be permitted to pick up your books from the Chestnut Hill College Bookstore located on the ground floor of St. Josephs Hall.  


Have Further Questions?

Please contact the Student Financial Services Office at 215-248-7182 or email one of our representatives