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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Service and volunteer opportunities are open to all students.  Below are descriptions of some of the opportunities. 

St. Francis Inn   

This is a soup kitchen at which the persons who are helped are seated at a table of four and actually served dinner. This provides dignity to those who are in need of help during economic crisis and who are just really down. Our students help in the kitchen and serving of food. We provide this service opportunity twice a month. 

Our Mother of Sorrows/St. Ignatius Elementary School  

This will be a new adventure for us as we work with the Principal of the school, an SSJ sister, in projects that will include tutoring, after school activity, small projects, and other opportunities as they arise.

Our Mother of Sorrows 

Our Mother of Sorrows is a soup kitchen where CHC students serve hot meals to those who need them most. This is an opportunity to serve your fellow man and put a smile on the face of someone who could really use it. We provide this service opportunity twice a month. 


Serving and Leading Together is a community of students who desire to make a personal commitment to service and reflective practice.  Any student who is volunteering, in any capacity, is welcome to be a part of this group.  Our only hope is to create a greater desire to serve and learn from one another and our experiences. Each individual will covenant to serve so many hours according to her/his schedule and to join in on the community gatherings of S.A.L.T. to share in what was felt, learned or what is happening in their field of giving.  We hope that this will enable us to become more educated about injustices and to work together for systemic change.  For more information, contact Campus Ministry or (Kait Ryan), (Kristin Kirsch) 

PB & J  

“Please Be Jenerous” (PB & J) is a service centered through making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for shelters in need of food for others. Most recently, we have been making sandwiches for Our Mother of Sorrows Parish Lunch program. This is normally done twice a month in the cafeteria and it has to be one of the most convenient ways to help serve others. Sports teams, Extra-curricular clubs, SSJ Associates, Campus Ministry Team, and Academic Departments sign up to provide the bread, peanut butter and jelly and the many hands to make approximately 400 sandwiches per month.  Sr. Nancy Roche, SSJ certainly appreciates the ability to not only serve a hot lunch throughout the week but also provide something to give to the lunch participants for a meal later on in the day.   She says that everyone  just love it!  For information on giving PBJ a go with your group, contact:  Campus Ministry or Meg Davis (