Core Values


We Value Personal and Professional Growth throughout the Community.
We Strive To Live This Value By:

  • maintaining a lively forum for intellectual and artistic pursuits on campus;
  • promoting intellectual sharing and development through inter-disciplinary programs and the encouragement of mentoring relationships;
  • exploring avenues for growth and learning outside the campus boundaries.

We Value Academic Excellence.
We Strive To Live This Value By:

  • offering a rigorous and challenging academic program with a global emphasis;
  • expecting students to take active responsibility for their education;
  • fostering close student-teacher bonds;
  • ongoing assessment of academic programs.

We Value Ethical Principles.
We Strive To Live This Value By:

  • including ethics across the curriculum;
  • practicing fairness to all;
  • living according to ethical standards and codes of behavior;
  • addressing appropriately breaches of ethical standards.

We Value Catholic Intellectual Tradition, History, and Legacy.
We Strive to Live This Value By:

  • keeping alive the mission and charisma of the Sisters of Saint Joseph*;
  • offering sacramental preparation through campus ministry;
  • providing opportunities to participate in Catholic liturgy;
  • inviting dialogue on issues pertaining to human dignity, social, and economic justice, and stewardship of the environment;
  • promoting on-going interpretations of core theological values and contemporary needs.

We Value Spirituality.
We Strive To Live This Value By:

  • embracing the ideal of spiritual growth and expression;
  • exploring the spiritual domain of human existence and integrating this into the totality of our experience;
  • seeking to explore and to understand the world’s religious traditions.

We Value Service.
We Strive To Live This Value By:

  • fostering an attitude of generosity in service;
  • providing opportunities for experiential and holistic community service on campus and in the broader community.

We Value Concern for the Earth.
We Strive To Live This Value By:

  • keeping informed and educated about environmental issues;
  • being mindful of the impact that we, as individuals and as a community, have on the environment;
  • continuing to work to preserve and enhance the natural environment of the campus;
  • accepting our responsibility as stewards of the earth and its resources.

We Value Holistic Pursuit of Truth, Integrity, and Justice.
We Strive To Live This Value By:

  • reflecting these virtues in our everyday lives;
  • applying these virtues as guides to our decision-making individually and as a community.

We Value Inclusive Community.
We Strive To Live This Value By:

  • affirming human dignity as an absolute value;
  • celebrating one another’s potential and achievements, both great and small;
  • fostering a friendly and open atmosphere, where all are welcome;
  • exhibiting respect for all members of the global community.

*We live and work so that all people may be united with God and with one another. The mission of unity rests on the charism of reconciliation.