Psy.D. Financial Aid

See the School of Graduate Studies Catalog for information on procedures for applying for financial aid.


The Psy.D. program awards a limited number of assistantships to qualified students. Assistantships are awarded based on need, student qualifications, previous achievement, and potential. There are several types of doctoral assistantships. Office and/or research assistantships are open to students at all levels. Teaching assistantships are open to students in Year II and beyond who have already earned master's degrees.


Each assistantship covers tuition for one 3-credit course per semester and requires 120 work hours per semester.  Partial assistantships (6 hours per week of service in exchange for one-half the tuition of one course) may also be awarded. For continuing students, a minimum GPA of 3.75 is required to be awarded an assistantship. Incoming students are awarded assistantships based on admissions criteria and application materials. Assistantships are renewable; continuation is dependent on the successful completion of the first semester of the assistantship and maintenance of a GPA of 3.75. Office or research assistants work in a variety of offices throughout the campus, including the Department of Professional Psychology. Teaching assistants work with instructors in the undergraduate psychology classes. Most positions require all daytime hours. For information on applying for an assistantship, contact Eileen Webb (ext. 7077;


Directed Teaching 

Advanced (Year III and beyond) doctoral students are eligible to participate in Directed Teaching. These students teach an undergraduate or graduate course under the supervision of a faculty member in exchange for a stipend and one credit of Directed Teaching. An announcement regarding Directed Teaching opportunities and application procedures is posted on Blackboard during the semester preceding the semester in which the teaching would occur. Students are not eligible for Directed Teaching if concerns have been identified on a Global Review conducted within a year prior to the application for Directed Teaching.