Career Tracks


As Technology Progresses, So Will Your Career 

With a Master’s Degree or certificate in Instructional Technology, you will become a desirable candidate for a wide range of employment opportunities. Our program produces graduates who apply instructional design theories to educational technology, develop strategies to integrate educational technologies into the learning process and develop web-based tools to support e-learning communities. Nearly all corporate and academic institutions have an ongoing need to implement new technologies and train their staff on how to utilize these new tools. Whether you become a technology consultant in an educational setting, an instructional designer in a corporate setting or choose one of many other paths that this degree can facilitate, you will technically be ahead of the curve.


By developing expertise in Instructional Technology, you can gain access to many employment opportunities in both the corporate and academic world. Chestnut Hill College offers a master’s degree as well as certificates in these areas that are crucial to our changing world. We specialize in digital video, multimedia, and web communications and provide a strong technical and theoretical foundation for e-learning professionals, teachers in our schools and members of the academic community.


Instructional Technology Career Tracks include: 

  • Instructional Designer
  • Course Evaluator
  • Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Online Programs Coordinator
  • Distance Learning Specialist
  • Educational Technology Manager
  • Technology Director
  • Learning Management System Administrator