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Core Courses 





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Course Code 

Course Name 

AHSG 510 


Organization Management in Human Services 


AHSG 520 


Principles and Concepts in Human Resources 


AHSG 530 


Leadership Development in Group Relations 


AHSG 540 


Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services 


AHSG 550 


Public Policy 


AHSG 560 


Principles of Finance 


AHSG 570 


Human Diversity in Human Services 


AHSG 580 


Assessment and Evaluation 


AHSG 598 


Professional Seminar 


AHSG 599 

Professional Project 








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Course Code 

Course Name 

AHSG 515 


Community Development 


AHSG 525 


Criminal Justice Systems 


AHSG 528 


Working with Adults 


AHSG 535 


Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Practices 


AHSG 545 


Drug and Alcohol Problems 


AHSG 555 


Eldercare Management 


AHSG 565 


Family Services 


AHSG 585 


Volunteer Administration 


AHSG 595 

Working with Children and Youth