Graduate School Requirements


NOTE: Submitted materials become the property of Chestnut Hill College

        • Application form with fee
        • Official transcripts of all previous college and university study
        • Three letters of recommendation: academic or professional; no personal references (recent graduates are expected to submit at least one academic reference)
        • Professional Goals Essay (please adhere to instructions below)
        • Standardized Test Scores*
        • Department Interview (see below)


*Departments excluding education:
MAT or GRE (waived for those with previous graduate degrees) 
Go to for MAT information or for GRE information.
Note: Instructional Technology applicants may use the MAT, GRE, or Praxis/PAPA/Certification to fulfill this requirement.


*Education department applicants:  

Education Applicants with Cumulative Undergraduate GPA of 2.8 to 2.99:
In order to be eligible for acceptance and student teaching per PDE regulations, applicants must take two graduate-level or post-bachelor's undergraduate courses (totaling at least six credits) and receive grades of "B" or better OR submit passing Praxis I or PAPA scores or provide proof of teaching certification.
Applicants with an Undergraduate GPA below 2.8 must take three graduate-level courses (totaling nine credits) or four post-bachelor's courses (totaling at least twelve credits) with grades of "B" or better AND provide passing Praxis I or PAPA scores or proof of teaching certification.
Exceptions may apply.  See the PDE website or contact Debra Chiaradonna, Ph.D., Acting Chair, Division of Teacher Education and Leadership at or 215-248-7147 for more information. 


Additional requirements, if applicable: 

  • Individual departments/programs may have different or additional criteria. See department/program requirements in the online academic catalog.
  • International Students are required to begin the admissions process by contacting the Director of International Student Services. See International Student Services.  TOEFL, TSE and/or TWE are required of students whose primary language is not English.
  • Interview with Department Chair/Program Coordinator:

    Qualified applicants may schedule an interview with the appropriate Department Chair/Program Coordinator after we receive all requirements.  If all requirements have been submitted, and you have not heard from us, please contact Amy Boorse at to see what item(s) is missing.  (Education and Instructional Technology applicants may schedule an initial interview and/or transcript evaluation, which may serve as the department interview.)


    Instructions for Professionals Goals Essay 

    1.) Explain academic and professional goals in relationship to life experiences and career plans. 

    2.) Describe the specific reasons the Chestnut Hill College program for which you are applying meets your goals and needs.

    The Professional Goals Essay should be a substantive academic essay of 400-600 words.  Include your name, program of interest, and date.  Both a writing specialist and a department chair or coordinator will grade your essay on proficiency and writing style (overall writing ability, motivation, grammar, structure, punctuation, logic, development, etc.) and content (goals' compatibility with Chestnut Hill College program, coherence, connection between educational goals, life experience, and career plans).  Please type, double-space, and proofread your essay carefully.  Essay may be mailed or emailed as an attachment to Amy Boorse at