Giving Campaigns

Campaigns provide Chestnut Hill College the resources necessary to embark on a bold and transformative path for the future. Meeting our fundraising goals for these vital campaigns will allow CHC to become one the nation’s preeminent colleges offering a holistic education within an inclusive Catholic community.

Current Capital Projects

Sugarloaf Hill


Sugarloaf Overview - Artist Rendering 



Future Capital Projects  

Student Center


 Center - Artist Rendering

Fitness Center

Endowment Funds

Contributions to the endowment are restricted gifts made to Chestnut Hill College for designated purposes, such as, student scholarships, academic programs, or other specific funds. An endowment can be established with a minimum contribution of $10,000. An official Agreement is developed, approved, and signed by the donor and the College administration. The initial principal contributed to the endowment is invested by Chestnut Hill College for at least one year. After that time, the interest generated from the invested principal must be used for the designated purpose stated in the Agreement.

Endowed Scholarships

  • Endowed Scholarships allow Chestnut Hill College to attract the best and brightest students regardless of their financial means. This notion is at the heart of Chestnut Hill College’s mission.
  • Less than 10% of CHC students receive aid from endowed scholarships. 
  • Donors are given the opportunity to establish criteria for their endowed scholarship fund.
  • Efforts are often made to facilitate a meeting between donors and the students they are helping.

Endowed Chairs

  • Endowed Chairs provide Chestnut Hill College with faculty members who do not have to be paid entirely out of the operating budget. 
  • Chairs can either reduce the student-faculty ratio or allow money that would otherwise have been spent on salaries to be directed toward other vital College programs.
  • Endowed chairs are one of the most useful tools for recruiting and retaining top-notch professors.

To discuss creating an endowed fund, please contact:

Kenneth Hicks

Vice President of Institutional Advancement