About the Campaign

Our History and Tradition

Since its inception, Chestnut Hill College historically has been characterized by a rigorous academic and nurturing environment that provides students with a broad background in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. For nearly 90 years, students have come to Chestnut Hill College for an outstanding liberal arts education. The mission of Chestnut Hill College has always been to prepare students for life’s challenges by helping them to grow intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.


Throughout our history, the leadership of Chestnut Hill College has established and demonstrated great belief and courage for what is possible. Transformational change is not new to us. In the past 12 years, we built Martino Hall, the first new building on campus in more than 40 years; we broke with tradition as a women’s college and opened our doors to a new generation of men and women; we advanced our athletic program into Division II competition, and lastly, we purchased SugarLoaf, nearly doubling the footprint of the College’s campus.


Our Vision

In 2014, Chestnut Hill College will celebrate 90 years of preparing students for success in professional careers, graduate study, and lifelong learning.


This milestone is also our challenge: to transform Chestnut Hill College into a nationally recognized Catholic liberal arts institution of uncommon excellence.


Through the ASPIRE. BELIEVE. COMMIT. Campaign for Chestnut Hill College, we will continue to build on those hallmarks our graduates best remember about a Chestnut Hill education: superlative academics, extraordinary faculty, and lasting relationships.


The Silent Phase of the Campaign

The first phase of the ASPIRE. BELIEVE. COMMIT. Campaign was a quiet but compelling effort that revealed the outstanding generosity of our alumni, friends, parents, and public supporters of our College.


Since 2008, the College raised more than $30 million in cash, commitment, and bequests. This amount represents 54 percent of our comprehensive campaign goal of $55 million. Gifts, grants, bequests, and pledges have afforded us the ability to fund:

  • The complete restoration of the Commonwealth Chateau, Loyola Lodge, the pool and pool house on Sugarloaf. As a result of the renovation, The Chateau, four social spaces, and four classrooms were named by donors.
  • New and restored facilities that include the Jack and Rosemary Gulati complex, featuring a state-of-the-art fitness center, the McCaffery Lounge, and a landscaped piazza.

Since 2008, money was also raised for various aspects of our academic program. This includes:

  • $2.578 million in commitments and cash toward scholarships awards and program support. Five of these are endowed scholarships.
  • $6.6 million for the endowment through donor bequests. This includes two endowed chairs in the sciences.
  • $1.1 million was raised toward 31 new and existing endowed funds:
    • 13 new endowed funds were created from donations of $670,000.
    • 18 existing endowed funds received $435,000 in additional support.

Two Strategic Goals Shape Our Campaign

Like every successful institution, Chestnut Hill College must be able to adapt, grow, and prepare for the future.


Two strategic goals shape the ASPIRE. BELIEVE. COMMIT. Campaign and the future of Chestnut Hill College. 

Our First Campaign Goal

  • Our first goal, the $20 million capital component of the campaign, is to build the first phase of the campus center, an academic facility, that will house classrooms, labs, multi-use spaces, and offices that will offer students the academic and social spaces conducive to learning.

The addition of this new facility, creating an academic aesthetic that will complement our entire campus setting, will also serve to strengthen the sustainability of the College by providing the space necessary to accommodate a growing student population. 

Our Second Campaign Goal

  • Our second goal of increasing the College’s endowment by $5 million will strengthen the long-term financial stability and the rankings of the College. The benefits of increasing the endowment include:
    • Improving the financial viability of the College.
    • Enhancing the prestige of the College and our rankings through the establishment of endowed faculty chairs in the various academic disciplines.
    • Ensuring student opportunity by increased scholarship funding.
    • Enriching the student experience through the revitalization and expansion of academic programming.

Chestnut Hill College is an institution at the forefront of liberal arts education. While our endowment has not been immune to the past year’s economic downturn, it has also not kept pace with some of our peer institutions, whose endowments far exceed ours. To stay at the forefront of delivering a liberal arts education, we must close that gap. A solid financial foundation is essential to the continued success of Chestnut Hill College’s mission. We are committed to fiscal strength which leads to academic strength.


Your campaign gift to the College’s endowment fund is significant for a variety of reasons. You could say it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Endowment gifts ensure support for today while providing educational excellence well into the future. Endowment gifts are invested, providing a steady, consistent, and permanent source of income for the College. Each year, only a portion of the invested income earned is spent while the principal remains untouched.


The endowment fund supports the College’s mission of academic excellence, financial aid and scholarships, faculty and programs, facilities, unanticipated opportunities and the latest technology. To compete with our peer institutions for gifted students and exemplary faculty, to continue to provide a holistic education for all those who seek it, and to meet the goals of Chestnut Hill’s strategic plan, we must build our endowment to meet the needs of future generations of Chestnut Hill College students.


Help us plan for the future. Donors to the endowment fund can be confident that their gift will have a lasting impact on the legacy of Chestnut Hill College.


Why Give

Whether you attended Chestnut Hill College or are a friend of the College, your campaign gift makes you a partner in our mission to provide superior undergraduate and graduate programs in the liberal arts, sciences, and professions within a dynamic learning environment.


To ensure the future excellence of Chestnut Hill, we must increase efforts to attract gifted students and faculty; provide financial aid and scholarship support; enhance teaching and research facilities; prepare graduates for success in the professions and advanced study; and cultivate the next generation of college students. Chestnut Hill College has changed in many ways over the years, but our founding story continues to inspire the pursuit of excellence.


The ASPIRE. BELIEVE. COMMIT. Campaign will provide the resources for our next bold transformation of the educational experience. All gifts to Chestnut Hill College – including gifts made through the Annual Fund – will count toward this comprehensive campaign.


Your financial commitment to the ASPIRE. BELIEVE. COMMIT. Campaign affords Chestnut Hill College the opportunity to create the balance between our legacy of a commitment to spirituality, contemplation, service to others and academic excellence.


With this audacious campaign, we aspire to become a Catholic institution of uncommon excellence—a college whose reputation is known not only in our region but across the country. We believe in creating an environment where our students can become people of faith, service and intelligence and can assume their worthy role in the global community. With the commitment of alumni and friends, the ASPIRE. BELIEVE. COMMIT. Campaign will create funding for academic innovation, grow our endowment in support of scholarship, and build a state-of-the-art academic center.


Something so transformational has never been undertaken before. Whatever your goal, you can make an impact. Every gift matters.


We invite you to join us!